Coffee Maker

Harbour View Group Coffe Maker Responsibilities.

Make Coffee.

Buy Coffee, Cookies, half/half, and sugar - bulk, not packets - for the meetings. Remember there are two meetings a week.

Half and Half is what we buy and use because it has a long shelf life.

Cookies on sale are best.

Label Half/Half “AA” before putting it in the frig.

The Treasurer will purchase cups and filters. They require a minimum of 1 week's notice. Only use cups labeled AA.

The cups are in the closet in the kitchen, top right. All other supplies should be kept in the bins labeled AA in the base cabinet. Coffee filters stay on the shelf above the coffee maker.

Take the money out of the basket for reimbursement. Just leave the receipt in the basket. If there isn't enough money, wait until the basket has been passed and get it again.

Keep the kitchen as clean as possible.

The coffee maker's not responsible for putting all the chairs out.

If you want Oat milk, Heavy Creme, or anything else, you are welcome to purchase it, but please do not submit the receipt for reimbursement.

Remember, we are church guests and respect for their space is important, so we never lose the room.