St. Mary's Wednesday night script

Harbour View Group - Wednesday Night Format

Before we open the meeting are there any NON AA announcements?

Welcome everyone to the Provincetown Harborview Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a one hour Step / Tradition Meeting. My name is ________________________.

I have asked ______________________ to read the Preamble.

Are there any visitors that would like to introduce themselves?

Are there any newcomers or people coming back who would like to identify themselves and / or share their daycount?

Are there any AA related announcements?

Could we please have two volunteers to help clean up the kitchen after the meeting?............................................Thank you.

At the end of the meeting please put away your chairs on the chair dollies located in the closet, and clean up after yourselves as we are guests of St. Mary's.

Please help us follow the rules of St. Mary's and do not park in the first two parking spots closest to Commercial Street or block the space. The Vicar needs full access. If you are parked there please move your car now. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Please turn off all cell phones with respect for the meeting.

Bathrooms are located to the left down the hall.

Literature on the rack is free for the taking and books on the table may be purchased at cost. Meeting lists are on and phone lists are available also.

Sponsorship is an important part of the program. Anyone with a year or more of continous sobriety who is willing to be a sponsor please raise your hand. If you are new or just coming back and need a sponsor, see one of them after the meeting.

This is a Step / Tradition meeting and tonight we are on Step ________.(Traditions are read on the first Wednesday of the month with the tradition matching the # of the month.)

We each read a portion of the Step / Tradition going round the room and then discuss in a round robin format. (Show of hands if the room is crowded.) The last 15 minutes will be left for a show of hands.

We will now pass the basket in accordance with the 7th tradition. We are self supporting through our own contributions. We have no dues or fees, but we do have expenses, such as coffee, cookies, rent, and everything costs more than it used to. Drop a buck or two in the basket but we need you more than we need your money.

It is suggested we exercise humility when sharing so that everyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to do so. Please limit your shares to 3 minutes, at 2 minutes the Spirtual Time Keeper and the Chairperson will raise their hand indicating you have 1 minute left, acknowledge by saying "Thank-you" and wrap up your share in 1 minute. The Spirtual Time Keeper tonight is _____________________.

Thank you everyone who made the meeting possible. Coffee Maker _________________, Preamble reader _______________, Baked Goods __________________, Parking __________________, Time Keeper _______________________.

Close meeting promptly at 7:30 by asking someone to close the meeting with the serenity prayer.