St. Marys/Harbor View Group Intro

Provincetown Harborview Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Monday Night 7:00-8:00PM

Good Evening!

Before we open the meeting, are there any Non-AA announcements?

Please remember not to park in the first two parking spots of the church as these are reserved for the vicar. If you have parked there, we kindly ask that you move your car.

Welcome everyone to the Provincetown Harborview Group of Alcoholics anonymous. This is a 1-hour meeting that meets here every Monday night from 7:00-8:00PM. My name is ____________________ and I am an alcoholic.

I have asked __________________________ to read the preamble.

  • Is anyone visiting this meeting for the first time or from out of town who would like to introduce themselves?

  • Are there any newcomers, or people coming back, who would like to identify themselves and/or share their day count?

I’ll now bring up our Chip Fairy who will help us celebrate various lengths of sobriety- (Call up Chip Fairy)

Thank you (Chip Fairy)

  • Are there any AA related announcements?

  • We ask that you mute all phones and any other devices with respect for the meeting.

  • Bathrooms are located in the back of the room

  • In addition to the AA Literature we have here, you can find more on the AA website

  • The anniversary meetings are held on the first Monday after the Month’s end. If you have an anniversary and wish to celebrate during the anniversary meeting, please let me know

  • If you are new to AA or new to Provincetown and would like more information about the meeting lists (and/or current live and virtual meetings), literature, group phone lists or a temporary sponsor, please stay after the meeting to speak with someone or visit for a current list of all recovery meetings in town. Would two local Provincetown Group members please volunteer to stay and answer questions?

I would now like to introduce our speaker____________________________

Thank you, (speaker), while we now take a 7th tradition break, would you please come up with a topic

We will pass the basket, While We have no dues or fees in A.A. We are entirely self-supporting, declining outside contributions. If you are able, please donate what you can, however, please note that we want you more than your money.

(Speaker), have you chosen a topic

Repeat topic for group….

It is suggested that we exercise humility when sharing so that everyone that wants to participate in the discussion has a chance to do so. Please limit your share to 3 minutes. At 2 minutes, a Spiritual Timekeeper will announce “one minute” to wrap up your share. Please respond by saying “Thank you” and finish your share. The Timekeeper will say “Time” when time is up. Would someone please volunteer to be our spiritual timekeeper.

Thank you (Timekeeper name)

Will now go to a show of hands and the speaker will call on people to speak.


It’s now 7:45, so is there anyone who has a burning desire or fears that their sobriety may be in jeopardy today. (CONTINUE WITH SHARES)

That’s all the time we have this evening and we want to thank everyone who made the meeting possible tonight

_______________ For the Coffee

_______________ For being our Chip Fairy

_______________ For being our Timekeeper

_______________ For reading the Preamble

& _____________ For speaking tonight


Thank you for joining us! Please remember to pick up after yourself on your way out, and please help fold the chairs and take them to the back of the room before you leave

We will now close with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer.

(Pick someone to close)